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451 And a cheer . . . .
Meyers--Barbara J. (Class of 1960)
College Eye 50:18, p.3
2/6/1959 Congratulates the editor on views of educational methods courses.
452 Editor too harsh . . .
Sloan--Raymond Lee (Classes of 1959 and 1962)
College Eye 50:18, p.2
2/6/1959 Criticizes a recent editorial about certain courses.
453 More education comment . . . .
College Eye 50:18, p.2
2/6/1959 Announces the formation of a new series of articles by TC alumni.
454 Untitled
Uecker--Albert E. (Psychology Faculty)
College Eye 50:18, p.4
2/6/1959 Counters the recent editorials against education methods courses.
455 Center for one of largest student teaching programs in the country
Alumnus 44:1, p.10
2/1/1959 Description of new facilities and teacher education program; photo.
456 President Maucker lists hopes for coming year
Alumnus 44:1, p.14
2/1/1959 Wishes include improved teacher education, higher salaries, new construction, and development of the new Foundation.
457 The proof of the pudding. . .
College Eye 49:16, p.2
1/17/1958 Professors in teacher education classes are less than enthusiastic.
458 Maucker on education--"Public asked for it"
College Eye 49:14, p.1
12/20/1957 President Maucker gives his views on the state of American teacher education.
459 Teaching qualifications
College Eye 48:36, p.2
7/19/1957 Announces the new policy that all new elementary teachers must have a four-year degree to teach in Iowa.
460 Obiter Scripta
Maurer--Edwin J. (English Faculty)
College Eye 48:26, p.2
4/26/1957 Contrasts ISTC with medical, dental, and law schools.
461 An idle observation
College Eye 48:16, p.2
2/1/1957 Offers suggestions to improve student observation at the campus school.
462 Teaching is a profession
Wagner--Guy Wesley (Classes of 1923 and 1926; Education Faculty)
Alumnus 41:1, p.12
2/1/1957 Professor Guy Wagner outlines his beliefs on teaching; photo.
463 ISTC reaches record enrollment
Alumnus 40:4, p.4
12/1/1956 Fall total is 3179; number of students in two-year curriculum decreasing..
464 Record enrollments top previous gains
College Eye 48:3, p.1
9/28/1956 Enrollment is 3179; breaks record set in 1948; fewer enrolling in two-year elementary curriculum and more in four-year plan.
465 Teachers tell how we can raise professional standards
Young--Shirley A. (Student--1956)
College Eye 47:33, p.3
466 Maucker does some gazing into future
Nimmo--Harry Arlo (Class of 1958)
College Eye 47:15, p.7
1/20/1956 President Maucker looks ahead at enrollment growth and teacher education.
467 Teachers College holds Prospective Teacher Day
Alumnus 39:4, p.4
12/1/1955 Colleges across state involved.
468 Columbia's Caswell evaluates effectiveness of TC set-up
College Eye 47:6, p.1
10/14/1955 Hollis Caswell will evaluate ISTC administrative organization and curriculum, with special reference to the four year course of study.
469 Eight Nebraska faculty observe
College Eye 46:29, p.2
4/29/1955 Study teacher education methods.
470 Prospective teachers day brings of 800 to ISTC
Alumnus 38:4, p.2
12/1/1954 Professor Howard addresses students.
471 School administrators meet for education colloquium
College Eye 46:7, p.1
10/22/1954 Will discuss teacher education.
472 Inquiring reporter
College Eye 45:39, p.2
7/30/1954 Asks how men can be brought into the teaching profession.
473 Religious coordinator meets at college
College Eye 45:28, p.5
4/30/1954 Eugene Dawson will be on campus to consider ISTC as a study center for the association of teacher education with religion.
474 657 visit ISTC during Prospective Teacher Day
Alumnus 37:4, p.4
12/1/1953 Visit classes and learn about teacher education.
475 Dr. Thompson meets class above rustle of paper sacks
Nord--Juanita Claire (Class of 1955)
College Eye 45:11, p.6
11/20/1953 Organizes his class to include many phases of human growth and development.
476 What's wrong with teaching?
College Eye 44:31, p.2
5/15/1953 Students attending college to become teachers are among the poorest-performing students.
477 Teaching students visit Parkersburg
College Eye 44:8, p.10
10/31/1952 Twenty-five students observe classes and meet citizens.
478 Education class visits East High in Waterloo
College Eye 43:30, p.5
479 Class visits New Hartford
College Eye 43:29, p.8
480 TC education classes visit four elem. schools
College Eye 43:29, p.5
481 Tragedy in modern education
College Eye 43:22, p.2
3/21/1952 Questions the lack of learning about great philosophical thinkers in modern teacher education.
482 Josef Schwarz, German educator from Heidelberg, Germany, is visiting for two months while studying various phases of American Education
Public Relations News Release 1952:459, p.1
2/4/1952 Schwarz, secondary school teacher and supervisor of practice teachers in Heidelberg, is in the United States under the auspices of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) through a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation.
483 Are we able?
College Eye 43:16, p.2
2/1/1952 Asks about the readiness of the future teachers of the college.
484 Dear alumni; a message from President Maucker
Maucker--James William (President of ISTC--SCI--and UNI)
Alumnus 36:1, p.8
2/1/1952 Asks alumni to identify students to meet teacher shortage.
485 Rennschmid, German prof, visits here
Miller--Shirley J. (Student--1952)
College Eye 43:15, p.3
1/25/1952 Ludwig Rennschmid will study teacher education.
486 On the job experience---
College Eye 43:10, p.2
11/30/1951 Applauds Illinois plan for extended student teaching.
487 Three foreign educators, two from Okinawa and one from Germany are visiting the campus under the government-sponsored occupied areas program
Public Relations News Release 1951:193, p.1
11/27/1951 Seisho Hokama and Buntaro Taira from Okinawa will remain on campus until Friday, Nov. 30. Alfred Schwemmler from Germany will leave Friday, December 7.
488 Cedar Falls - Clifford L. Bishop
Public Relations News Release 1951:168, p.1
11/20/1951 Bishop, head of the college education department, will serve as a discussion leader on problems related to the teacher education curriculum during the 22nd annual University of Minnesota Conference on Teacher Education at Minneapolis, Friday, Dec. 7.
489 Editorials . . .
College Eye 43:9, p.2
11/16/1951 Teacher training may be heading in a different direction.
490 Three 'R's' are only small phase of well-set up teaching program
Schmidt--LaVonne (Student--1951)
College Eye 43:9, p.2
11/16/1951 Explains other roles of teacher.
491 Special to: Fort Madison Democrat
Public Relations News Release 1951:69, p.1
10/5/1951 Mary Theissen, Fort Madison, is serving as decorations chairman for the Homecoming events at the college. The Homecoming festivities, centered around the time of "Seventy-Five Years of Teacher Education," are slated for Oct. 26, 27, and 28.
492 Special to: Newton Daily Times
Public Relations News Release 1951:69, p.1
10/5/1951 Joan Welle, Newton, is serving as hospitality chairman for the Homecoming events at the college. The Homecoming festivities, centered around the theme of "Seventy-Five Years of Teacher Education," are slated for Oct. 26, 27, and 28.
493 Special to: Tama Northern
Public Relations News Release 1951:69, p.1
10/5/1951 Robert Wilson, Gladbrook, is serving as parade and pep rally chairman for the Homecoming events at the college. The Homecoming festivities, centered around the theme of "Seventy-Five Years of Teacher Education," are slated for Oct. 26, 27, and 28.
494 Special to: Wright County Monitor
Public Relations News Release 1951:69, p.1
10/5/1951 Lela Hill, Clarion, is serving as publicity chairman for the Homecoming events at the college. The Homecoming festivities, centered around the theme of "Seventy-Five Years of Teacher Education," are slated for Oct. 26, 27, and 28.
495 Paul F. Bender, general chairman of the Homecoming committee, announced the program for the three-day Homecoming weekend
Public Relations News Release 1951:64, p.1
10/4/1951 The theme for Homecoming will be "Seventy-Five Years of Teacher Education." It will be the second in a series of five all-college events in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the college. After the game there will be informal dancing in the ballroom
496 Sequence of new education courses is beginning now
College Eye 42:36, p.3
7/6/1951 Fundamentals of Teaching 211 is first of three required courses.
497 Attempts to implement the Normal School idea in Iowa
Hart--Irving Harlow (Extension Faculty and Archivist)
First 75 Years 0:0, p.3
7/1/1951 Description of efforts to train teachers in Iowa prior to the founding of the Normal School in 1876.
498 Curricular revision in 1949
Hart--Irving Harlow (Extension Faculty and Archivist)
First 75 Years 0:0, p.103
7/1/1951 Results of revision include required general education, reorganization of education courses, and an increase in the graduation requirement from 186 to 196 hours.
499 Curricular trends, 1917-1949
Hart--Irving Harlow (Extension Faculty and Archivist)
First 75 Years 0:0, p.102
7/1/1951 Professional education requirements decrease.
500 Four-Quarter rural program, 1943
Hart--Irving Harlow (Extension Faculty and Archivist)
First 75 Years 0:0, p.120
7/1/1951 President Price puts renewed emphasis on elementary education; four quarter curriculum seen as move toward increasing standards in rural teaching.


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