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251 UNI hosts V-Day events, including "The Vagina Monologues"
Public Relations News Release 2002:304, p.1
2/5/2003 More than 600 colleges will participate in the 2003 V-Day College Campaign; various events and activities scheduled.
252 Behind the makeup
Public Relations News Release 2002:266, p.1
1/6/2003 Victoria DeFrancisco will talk about the widespread use of makeup.
253 Women on TV
Public Relations News Release 2002:262, p.1
12/30/2002 Roles of women on television over the last thirty years will be discussed.
254 UNI Women's Studies to offer special edition of 'Women on Fridays' series
Public Relations News Release 2002:234, p.1
12/3/2002 "Phantoms at the Gate: Revisiting and Revising Virginia Woolf's 'Professions for Women.'" will be presented as a part of the "Women on Fridays" discussion series.
255 Personality disorder in teen girls sometimes masked by general angst and moodiness
Public Relations News Release 2002:232, p.1
12/1/2002 Catherine DeSoto claims that Borderline Personality Disorder occurs in young women due to fluctuating estrogen levels. This is based on two years of research.
256 Former UI athletic director talks Title IX
Szeszycki--Emily (Student--2001)
Northern Iowan 99:18, p.1
11/1/2002 Christine Grant presented "After 30 Years, Title IX is Still a Current Issue" to an overflowing room; photo.
257 Link between estrogen, brain and behavior will be topic for CROW Forum lecture
Public Relations News Release 2003:158, p.1
10/29/2002 Cathy DeSoto to speak November 4.
258 "Women on Fridays" creating community
Schmitz--Lisa Marie (Class of 2003)
Northern Iowan 99:16, p.13
10/25/2002 "The History of Women's Studies" will be discussed as a part of the "Women on Fridays" discussion series, which informs students about the women's issues.
259 Grant to UNI Women's Studies continues programs to decrease violence against women
Public Relations News Release 2002:112, p.1
10/8/2002 The U.S. Department of Justice awarded a $300,000 grant for the SAVE program.
260 Women on the brink
Public Relations News Release 2003:102, p.1
9/30/2002 Women find themselves overwhelmed.
261 Letter to the editor: column response
Northern Iowan 99:4, p.14
9/13/2002 Criticizes the column and author of "Cognitive Expulsion."
262 UNI professor connects cause, effects of substance abuse in Iowa females
Szeszycki--Emily (Student--2001)
Northern Iowan 99:3, p.1
9/10/2002 Social work professor William Downs discovered a correlation between substance abuse and domestic abuse in women.
263 A link between violence and abuse
Public Relations News Release 2002:47, p.1
8/26/2002 William Downs will talk about recent research on women who suffer from domestic abuse and are substance abusers.
264 UNI associate provost attends national forum
Public Relations News Release 2002:40, p.1
8/16/2002 Susan Koch recently traveled to Washington D.C. to attend the 60th National Leadership Forum for Women Leaders.
265 Preventing a broken heart
Public Relations News Release 2001:485, p.1
5/13/2002 The signs of a heart disease are not as recognizable and Martha Ochoa will discuss them.
266 Untitled
Northern Iowan 98:53, p.8
4/26/2002 Comments on a letter of apology concerning the rude captions written on the sidewalk next to an invitation to Take Back the Night, and encourages men to walk women home when it's dark.
267 Added chalk captions harassing, insensitive
Miller--Catherine M. (Mathematics Faculty)
Northern Iowan 98:52, p.9
4/23/2002 Criticizes those who wrote rude comments on sidewalks next to messages about Take Back the Night.
268 'Taking back the night' in the UNI community
Krastel--Laura (class of 2002)
Northern Iowan 98:51, p.1
4/19/2002 A variety of activities took place on campus, April 17, as a part of "Take Back the Night"; photo.
269 Show explores rape on college campuses
Northern Iowan 98:51, p.2
4/19/2002 Interpreter's Theatre will present, "Extra-Curricular: A Novel of Rape on Campus," on April 19 and 20.
270 'Women's Music Festival' to be held by UNI Campanile Wednesday, April 17
Public Relations News Release 2001:439, p.1
4/12/2002 The Gender Equality Association, and Family Service League's Crisis Services Program will sponsor the event.
271 UNI film series to explore, 'Bionic Beauty Salon' Wednesday, April 17
Public Relations News Release 2001:437, p.1
4/12/2002 "Bionic Beauty Salon," a film about beauty and its effect on women, will be presented as a part of the "Reel to Real" film series.
272 Women go on a binge
Northern Iowan 98:45, p.7
3/29/2002 Comments on a recent article in 'Time' concerning the high number of women who binge drink, and encourages students to drink responsibly.
273 Reestablishing social work education in Romania to be topic of UNI presentation Thursday, March 28
Public Relations News Release 2001:376, p.1
3/22/2002 Stela Slapac will speak on "Women in Peril: Lessons from Romania."
274 Student responds to issues addressed in NI
Bushby--Michael A. (Student--2002)
Northern Iowan 98:44, p.7
3/15/2002 Criticizes a letter printed in the NI from a Buena Vista coed and a letter about the "The Vagina Monologues," and comments made about Earle and Hutch.
275 'Female Fiends and Innocents Rewarded: Women and Murderers in U.S. History' topic for UNI History Lecture Series, Wednesday, March 13
Public Relations News Release 2001:342, p.1
3/8/2002 Barbara Cutter will talk about women's role in the sensational murder trials of the 19th Century.
276 V-Day week a celebration of women
Friedl--Margaret S. (Student--2002)
Northern Iowan 98:41, p.11
3/5/2002 Defends the activities of V-Day Week.
277 Response to V-Day concerns
Miller--Darren M. (Student--2002)
Northern Iowan 98:40, p.8
3/1/2002 Claims that Andrew Kuennen and Charity Crawford needed to see "The Vagina Monologues" before they passed judgment on it.
278 Student responds to letter on V-Day
Northern Iowan 98:40, p.7
3/1/2002 Responds to comments made by Andrew Kuennen and Charity Crawford concerning "The Vagina Monologues."
279 'Vagina Monologues' anything but offensive
Northern Iowan 98:39, p.7
2/26/2002 Responds to a letter to the editor concerning the recent performance of 'The Vagina Monologues."
280 Women and the workplace
Public Relations News Release 2001:319, p.1
2/25/2002 Annette Lynch will offer suggestions to women who want to be promoted at work.
281 Students express their concerns about V-Day
Crawford--Charity A.
Northern Iowan 98:37, p.9
2/19/2002 Claim that the language in "The Vagina Monologues" is offensive and serves only to further objectify and degrade women.
282 'Monologues' part of V-Week
Northern Iowan 98:36, p.1
2/15/2002 UNI's performance of "The Vagina Monologues" is a part of the national V-Day campaign to reduce violence against women.
283 What's up
Northern Iowan 98:35, p.3
2/12/2002 Meetings and events scheduled.
284 Age doesn't matter
Public Relations News Release 2001:291, p.1
2/11/2002 Julia Wallace will offer suggestions to women on how to age well.
285 Bathroom stalls victimizing men
Northern Iowan 98:34, p.5
2/8/2002 Claims that the jokes and pictures about men in women's restrooms are objectifying men in the same way that men have objectified women.
286 UNI presents 'The Vagina Monologues,' and related activities
Public Relations News Release 2001:292, p.1
2/8/2002 As a part of the 2002 V-Day College Campaign, UNI community members will perform 'The Vagina Monologues.'
287 Program at UNI encourages women, minorities to pursue math/science
Public Relations News Release 2001:309, p.1
2/1/2002 Reygan Freeney, the director of the Upward Bound Math and Science Program, hopes to encourage women and other underrepresented groups to pursue a career in math or science.
288 Equity in employment?
Public Relations News Release 2001:187, p.1
11/5/2001 William Bowlin will talk about whether or not men and women are paid equally for the same work.
289 Albright speaks of peace and feminism
Barrett--Teresa (Student--2001)
Northern Iowan 98:16, p.1
10/26/2001 Madeleine Albright spends time answering student questions about U. S. foreign policy.
290 "Girls just wanna have fun . . ."
Public Relations News Release 2001:108, p.1
9/24/2001 Chris Martin will discuss the rise in the number of women on television sitcoms.
291 Female athletes beware
Public Relations News Release 2000:400, p.1
5/7/2001 Darryl Conway advises women athletes about knee injuries.
292 Women's arts week celebrates creativity
Northern Iowan 97:51, p.1
4/13/2001 Description of events planned to celebrate Women in the Arts Week.
293 Women in the Arts Week at UNI to feature music, drams, discussion April 16-22
Public Relations News Release 2000:360, p.1
4/11/2001 Sigma Alpha Iota, Phi Mu Alpha, Theta Alpha Phi, the Gender Equality Association, and the Women's Studies Program will sponsor Women in the Arts Week.
294 Grant to UNI will encourage women to pursue research
Public Relations News Release 2000:358, p.1
4/10/2001 The National Science Foundation has provided $250,000 for a new laboratory to evaluate textile materials; women are encouraged to participate in the laboratory.
295 Program at UNI encourages women, minorities to pursue math/science
Public Relations News Release 2000:375, p.1
4/1/2001 Reygan Freeney feels there is a shortage of people going into the math and science fields, and feels that women and minority groups should know that they can succeed in these professions
296 Amnesty International begins Week of Action
Krastel--Laura (class of 2002)
Northern Iowan 97:47, p.1
3/30/2001 Week of Action will focus on women's human rights; photo.
297 March celebrates Women's history
Northern Iowan 97:45, p.1
3/23/2001 Students and faculty comment on women's rights in the past and present.
298 Women outnumber men in college, not in technical majors
Walk--Christian P. (Student--1998-2002)
Northern Iowan 97:35, p.3
2/6/2001 Teresa Hall describes her experiences as a woman working in the manufacturing field.
299 Girls and women struggle to find a voice
Public Relations News Release 2000:200, p.1
1/15/2001 Sheryl L. Welte-Emch talks about the survey she conducted of women college students.
300 Did you know?
Campus News Network 11:11, p.3
12/19/2000 According to the Playboy Magazine, the Waterloo-Cedar Falls metro area is fifth in the nation in having a higher ratio of women to men in the ages of 18 to 40.


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