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351 A three-hour long discussion and a demonstration of special arithmetic teaching methods highlighted this morning's session
Public Relations News Release 1950:416, p.1
7/10/1951 The School Public Relations workshop ends Wednesday afternoon. It was the third of five for the workshop's 117 enrollees, split into four groups for the discussion of public school problems.
352 Too many Americans are consciously or unconsciously part of one or more "Wrecking crews" of public education
Public Relations News Release 1950:415, p.1
7/9/1951 There are four main fears; they are fears of change, of universal education, of finance and fears of subversive tendencies in the schools. O. H. Roberts, Jr. said, "Some of us fear change so much that we are opposed to all new ideas, regardless of merit."
353 Awake--we dare you!
Cohn--Norman U. (Classes of 1954 and 1957)
College Eye 42:36, p.2
7/6/1951 Professors don't allow students to comprehend material.
354 More graduates of Iowa State Teachers college migrate to California than to any other state.
Public Relations News Release 1950:403, p.1
6/22/1951 Second and third choices are closer to home--Illinois and Minnesota-- but another west coast state, Washington, ranks fourth. Other states which 100 or more alumni claim as residences, and order of popularity, are Wisconsin, Michigan, Nebraska, and more.
355 The secret of good teaching, says a prominent Illinois educator, is in knowing pupils well.
Public Relations News Release 1950:325, p.1
4/21/1951 To get to know pupils well, said Dr. Gilbert S. Willey, Winnetka, Illinois, a teacher should stay with her pupil group at least two periods a day in both elementary and secondary schools.
356 ISTC announces faculty cuts for 1951-52 school year
Public Relations News Release 1950:193, p.1
1/29/1951 Due to military mobilization and expected enrollment drops, the college is "taking up a notch in its belt" according to President J. W. Maucker. There will be a net reduction in the teaching staff of 17 persons for the fall of 1951.
357 The nation's newest college president today (Friday) stressed the obligations linking the golden opportunities of America's educational system
Public Relations News Release 1950:16, p.1
9/15/1950 J. W. Maucker said that America's world role requires educational opportunity as "simply one phase of something bigger in American society." That "something" is general social opportunity without artificial barriers." Special guests listed.
358 Participate in school and community activities, advises Dr. E. W. Goetch
College Eye 41:28, p.5
4/28/1950 E. W. Goetch urges students to get involved in community activities as well as school activities to be a good teacher.
359 'Marriage failure is courtship failure showing up'--Ellzey
College Eye 41:24, p.2
3/31/1950 W. Clark Ellzey gives advice on dating, marriage, and teaching.
360 Teachers qualities revealed in poll
College Eye 41:23, p.3
3/24/1950 Survey conducted by the Committee on Curriculum; brief survey of results.
361 'Teacher must sell himself, subject to public'--Brechler
College Eye 41:21, p.3
3/10/1950 Paul Brechler gives advice to future teachers; a short profile Dr. Brechler is given; photo.
362 Education classes observe teaching
College Eye 41:16, p.6
1/20/1950 Visited schools in Waterloo and Cedar City.
363 Conferees agree: need federal aid, higher salaries
College Eye 41:9, p.3
11/11/1949 Resolutions were passed at the Discussion Conference on Freedom and Education; thirty students participate.
364 Letters to the editor
Ritter--Elmer L. (Extension Faculty)
College Eye 41:1, p.2
9/16/1949 Communist teaching is criticized by members of the community.
365 Graduates are enjoying their work, reveals Horn's survey
College Eye 40:31, p.2
6/10/1949 Alumni tell what they like about teaching.
366 Survey of Campus Opinion
Lukens--Bonnie (Student--1948)
College Eye 40:25, p.2
4/8/1949 Students were asked what they thought about teachers being required to teach according to specific political doctrines.
367 A new approach
College Eye 40:23, p.2
3/25/1949 Teaching is an honorable profession despite some letters that have been sent around.
368 As I see it
Brimm--Robert Paul (Education Faculty)
College Eye 40:14, p.2
1/7/1949 Advice for prospective teacher success.
369 As I See It
Cowley--John P. (English Faculty)
College Eye 40:12, p.2
12/10/1948 Professor Cowley offers views on teaching and teacher education.
370 Teach this fall? Don't worry so; read these tips
College Eye 39:38, p.5
7/16/1948 Experienced teachers offer advice.
371 Teaching Aids
Old Gold 0:0, p.28
6/1/1948 The Curriculum Laboratory is one of the newest services of the college, reflecting what is going on in the schools of the nation. It is located in the Administration Building and offers teaching aids to teacher and students, such as textbooks; photo.
372 . . . Salaries . . .
College Eye 39:26, p.2
4/9/1948 Students are given some facts on the teachers' salaries..
373 Survey of Campus Opinion
Smith--Warren Allen (Class of 1948)
College Eye 39:18, p.3
2/6/1948 Explores student opinion about the good and bad qualities of instructors.
374 'Teachers play vital part in determining current American attitudes' - Dr. Harris
College Eye 39:7, p.7
10/31/1947 Believes citizens must be involved in their democracy.
375 Need trained speech teachers
College Eye 39:7, p.7
10/31/1947 Professor Fossum gives prescription for a good foundation in speech.
376 Inquiring Reporter
College Eye 38:39, p.2
7/18/1947 Responses given to the question, "What do you like most about teaching?"
377 Teaching must be made attractive conference of educators decides
College Eye 38:38, p.2
7/11/1947 Teachers deserve more respect and in order to attract more teachers the profession must be dignified.
378 Inquiring Reporter
College Eye 38:36, p.2
6/20/1947 Teachers respond to the question, "What was your most memorable experience in your first teaching job?"
379 Primary kids ask many questions
College Eye 38:36, p.6
6/20/1947 Returning teachers report on students' humorous misconceptions.
380 An editorial; the vanishing teacher
College Eye 38:25, p.4
3/28/1947 Describes why teachers have been quitting their profession in the past ten years.
381 Survey of Campus Opinion
Smith--Warren Allen (Class of 1948)
College Eye 38:23, p.3
3/14/1947 Students reply to the question; "What should be the social status of the teacher in a community?"
382 Letter to the editor
Nordskog--Paul (Student--1946)
College Eye 38:22, p.2
2/28/1947 Believes that all teachers should aid students by trying to teach the way the student can best learn.
383 Survey of Campus Opinion
Smith--Warren Allen (Class of 1948)
College Eye 38:21, p.3
2/21/1947 Students respond to the question: "What is your idea about salaries being paid to Iowa teachers?"
384 Which road?
Ray--Jean (Class of 1950))
College Eye 38:21, p.2
2/21/1947 Students believe that they must choose between a high wage business career or a low wage teaching career.
385 Department of Instruction
Old Gold 0:0, p.35
6/1/1946 An introduction to the Department of Instruction and its importance in student life.
386 Two Year Elementary
Old Gold 0:0, p.148
6/1/1946 Two Year Elementary students prepare themselves for teaching; photo.
387 Our responsibilities in peace
Price--Malcolm Poyer (President of ISTC)
College Eye 36:44, p.1
8/17/1945 The president addresses the end of World War II and the importance of education in maintaining democracy.
388 Honoraries pursue wisdom with happiness
Old Gold 0:0, p.82
6/1/1945 Torch and Tassel members push sales, Pi Gamma Mu listens to election returns, and students go to the library and find teaching positions; photo.
389 What is democratic classroom procedure
Brown--Albert E. (Education Faculty)
College Eye 36:28, p.2
4/13/1945 A. E. Brown offers his ideas on democracy in the classroom.
390 Improved democratic education urged
Maurer--Emma Lou (Class of 1945)
College Eye 36:27, p.2
4/6/1945 Student offers suggestions for improving the quality of education.
391 Do we accept the challenge
College Eye 36:25, p.2
3/23/1945 Discusses topics of the recent conference on the vocation of teaching.
392 Faith in common man opines Stonecipher
College Eye 36:25, p.2
3/23/1945 J. Edgar Stonecipher outlines his views on democratic values.
393 Teachers teaching unrelated materials Dr. Corey tells vocational assembly
College Eye 36:25, p.1
3/23/1945 Believes schools may be teaching subjects that have no meaning to students.
394 What is democratic classroom procedure
Fahrney--Ralph Ray (History Faculty)
College Eye 36:25, p.2
3/23/1945 Professor Fahrney outlines his views on appropriate classroom interaction between faculty and students.
395 Teachers 'if and when' best wives
College Eye 36:15, p.1
12/22/1944 Professor Thompson believes that teachers make good wives.
396 Teacher need not be of 'Third sex' says Dr. Riebe
College Eye 35:42, p.4
8/11/1944 Professor Riebe believes that there is room for teachers to be human beings, despite the restrictions that their jobs demand.
397 Cogitations
Patridge--Ruth (Student--1943)
Public Relations News Release 35:35, p.2
6/23/1944 Talks about the profession of teaching, and the pride that teachers should take in their work.
398 Cogitations
College Eye 34:33, p.2
6/18/1943 Comments on the need for emotional health in teachers.
399 Notes of a novice
Hackett--Donald G. (Class of 1947)
College Eye 34:26, p.2
4/16/1943 Discusses teacher salaries and the drop in educational standards, due to the lack of teachers.
400 Kindergarten-Primary discuss war teaching
College Eye 34:25, p.1


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